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Visning med Fernanda Branco og Hanna Filomen Mjåvatn
  • Tid:
    torsdag 5. des 2019
  • Klokken:
    19:00- 21:00
  • Hent ut fribillett
Gratis inngang

Scenekunstnerne deler sine kunstneriske arbeider i forbindelse med masterstudiet i performance ved Akademi for scenekunst, Høgskolen i Østfold.

Divided in between

I am investigating what is inside the experience of a shift, and how

things change when adapting.

I am searching for more connections through interdisciplinary play.

What interests me is how new information surfaces  during a process of adaptation/transformation.

A live research on reflections and thoughts through actions.


Hanna likes to dance, write and  play with sound, based in Oslo and is now studying in Fredrikstad.


Gaia’s hair

In the performance-lecture Gaia’s hair, Fernanda Branco exposes speculative stories and attempts of growing her own artistic material.

Gaia’s hair is an invitation for a multiplicity of entities and narratives to be weaved, investigating how to articulate language and non-verbal expressions to give voice to otherness. Inspired in playful ways the term Anthropocene can rise wonders and foster imagination.

Colliding the boundaries of performance, lecture and installation with the intention of generating meeting points via poetic narratives. Extracting alongside founds and losses, possibly, existing between presence and absence.

Fernanda Branco is a performer, gardener and poet from Brazil, based in Norway since 2006. Currently attending the Master in Performance program at Høgskole Østfold – Norwegian Theatre Academy, where she is researching her artistic practices from an ecological and Anthropocene perspectives. www.fernandabranco.com

Arr. Fernanda Branco og Hanna Filomen Mjåvatn