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«The Broker who Broke Free – Lykken er på innsiden».
  • Tid:
    torsdag 17. jan 2019
  • Klokken:
    19:00- 20:30
  • Sal
  • Arrangør:
    • Maitreya Ishaya
  • 150
Gratis inngang

Author Maitreya Ishaya gives an entertaining and thought-provoking lecture on her book «The Broker Who Broke Free». In the book we meet the author himself as a young and promising stockbroker. Maitreya had everything: money, friends, good relations and bright prospects. Still, he felt that something was missing, that there had to be something more in life than this. He tried to overlook this feeling, but after several dramatic events – he got lost in the mountains, was threatened with a gun, attacked by gang mobs and was nearly drowned – he was opposed to all odds against what would prove to give him an experience of meaning, freedom and peace.

The lecture is held in English.

If you are also trying to create the perfect life in the belief that it will make you happy, or at least satisfied, the chances are that this book will turn upside down on your performances. Because it may be that the happiness you are looking for can be found in the one place you have not yet found.

<em> «I had a good life, but my head was so full of thoughts that I was never enough to really enjoy it. I felt confused and stressed while feeling that there was so much more to do. It was only when I found inner peace that I really began to enjoy life. » – Maitreya Ishaya </em>